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Tetra-Lyfe Blog #6

Tetra-Lyfe Blog #6

“Comey Uncombed Clinton”

Worst of…

Monday Sep. 18th, 2017


Doing my best to catch up on the blogs and of course, the audio blogs.  Most should be released no later than 2 weeks after the podcast portion.  I prefer to have prompt completion of the material but making sure the topics are well researched, well thought out with due consideration, and not too lengthy in nature can prove challenging no matter how proficient I become in the future.  As Wike and I have expressed before, some topics especially political in nature, are virtually impossible to condense into a small bow wrapped package since their time span may cover long time periods while others provide a rabbit hole when seeking facts and discerning against disinformation.  Our agenda at the Tetra-Byte Podcast is provide factual information to the best of our ability with love and objectivity so you may arrive at your own conclusions.



Most politicians are experts with their body language and silver tongues, telling us what we want to hear and not what we need.  They even have body language and speech experts who train them how to act in public while wearing a different persona behind closed doors.  They speak of partial truths, divert attention away from important matters, and convince people they are problem solvers when in fact, they are the problem starters.  They fuel the fear factory with coal promising diamonds for all using one hand while claiming to be under extreme political pressure, stripping the collective gold mines with their other hand.  It is said that you know a politician is lying when their lips begin moving.  I refer to as “plastic talk” with some people being keen at identifying this duplicitous human behavior while others are highly susceptible, falling victim to the deception.  It becomes a chore to dig through the heaping pile of dung to find the truth that many do not have the time in their daily lives to devote to.  It is not by accident that this complex and usually emotionally overwhelming mechanism has overgrown in gluttony.



We typically see this plastic talk in varying degrees throughout our lives with one of the best examples non political in nature,  car dealership salespeople.  This doesn’t mean there are no honest car salespersons out there by any means.  The real issue lies mostly within each owner of individual car dealerships and how moral and ethical their business practices are; how they instruct their salespersons to conduct their behavior.  If you’re like me, you’ve probably had a least one poor experience at a car dealership where they made promises that were not kept.  You found yourself trapped in an agreement that highly benefited the dealership, forcing you to pay well over the value of the vehicle.  Since most people are not proficient mathematicians, they are unable to calculate what the final total amount the vehicle will cost them.  Our focus is heavily distracted on the item itself at that very moment, where our compulsive nature gets the better of us.  We are swindled into the credit card mentality of get now and pay later, not realizing we’ll certainly pay dearly for it in the end.  The allure of a new vehicle leaves most of us prey to these predators who are masters at materialism for soul trading.  It does not teach us to save until we can afford and truly appreciate the value the item even moreso.  If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.



I have learned over the years to pry myself away from compulsory purchases knowing that patience and practicing my research homework pays off.  To curtail my compulsive behaviors and seek facts or professional advice; proactive versus reactive.  It has taught me to reflect over the mistakes of poor purchases I’ve made and accept personal responsibility so I may choose wisely in the future while implementing sound methods.  I’ve been to some stores before where I firmly state “I’m just here to inquire about the price of a product so I can do some price comparing”.  Some have tried to rush me after providing a price quote saying “So are you going to buy it?” where I untactfully reply “Did you hear anything I just said?”  I’ve learned though to not take it personally but recognize it as a red flag to avoid that store for their unfriendly business practices.  After all, in America they have just as much freedom to behave in an aggressive carnie manner as I have the freedom to simply leave and take my business elsewhere.  So by now you may be wondering “What the heck does this have to do with Clinton and your podcast”?  It may seem like I was getting too far off topic but it was to illustrate certain weaknesses we ALL share as human beings and how to avoid some of these quicksand traps.  How the behaviors of our politicians bleed through the fabric of everyday American life.  It is not so much some politicians who are at fault as it is an antiquated and corrupt system that forces the practice of amoral behavior to participate.  The complacency and apathetic attitude many Americans have adopted because they’re too busy watching the Emmy Awards to properly educate themselves on core issues.  Being tricked into playing identity politics while pitting one another against their fellow Americans while ignoring personal responsibility.  Where vigilance in the fight for freedom and liberty suffers under an ignorance in comprehension of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, largely due to the failure of our public schools to teach our children about them.  That Americans don’t have real choice in politics like they do in pretty much every other sector of our American lifestyle and how to exercise them intelligently.



Now onto some whoppers about Clinton and a quick comment about James Comey.  I’ve done some extensive research which seems will never be enough even if I continued daily for the next 6 months.  The best alternative is providing you some highlights and web links that hopefully can provide clarity in a terse manner.  Since there is a long timeline to cover, I will do my best and admit that some links will only promote a rabbit hole that only you can chase at your discretion.  Some of the information may leave you in a state of shock and disbelief, causing you to believe what I say and post only serve as a continuation in false propaganda of others.  Others will beyond a shadow of a doubt prove Hillary Clinton broke the law and that if you choose to still deny and claim them as false, are only being obstinate or cognitively bias.  I can live with that; you’re free to choose as an American what you wish to believe.  However, I challenge you to accept that there are heinous people in power out there who are not in touch with the realities of day to day Americans like you or I.  That the more power you relinquish to others in power will simply abuse you because you allow it.


Hillary Clinton did break the law by sending US government material over her private email server, whether classified or not, and with multiple personal devices.  She lied about deleting emails that were not returned to the State Department claiming all were not “classified documents”.  A government issued account was offered numerous times which Hillary Clinton refused to accept and use.  Recently, even more evidence was uncovered about Hillary Clinton’s misuse of government documents and abuse of a government position during her time as Secretary of State to accept money for the Clinton Foundation.  Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin as we mentioned in the podcast, also broke the law by using an unsecured server sending classified information for many years.  For someone who is suppose to be a champion of women’s rights and furthering positive race relations, Hillary sure failed on epic proportions accepting money from Saudi’s who treat their women like property and creating an even larger mess in Haiti during their disaster relief needs.  Lets not forget her husband Bill Clinton was accused by many women about his sexual misconduct towards them over the years.







To touch on James Comey a bit, it was asked in our podcast why he took the position to help Hillary Clinton evade prosecution while not recommending punishment to Loretta Lynch, who was US Attorney General at the time.  Senator Trey Gowdy plainly pointed out during a senate hearing that she broke the law on multiple occasions and made several false exculpatory statements.  I can, at best, offer two answers.  The first is that James Comey was under heavy pressure by President Obama and others in our government to conceal their abuse of power.  If James Comey were to go into detail, like most Americans should desire, he would more than likely reveal other US politicians other than just Hillary Clinton were breaking the law and not upholding our Constitution, as we clearly pointed out with Loretta Lynch and the tarmac meeting with Slick Willy Clinton, where still no punitive action has been pursued.  The other answer is that it suggests Comey is probably being forced to be evasive in his answers since many who rise in the ranks of our government did it by amoral behavior while breaking US Constitutional laws.  Since the NSA has the ability to spy, wiretap, record information, and pretty much shove their head up anyone’s rear in the entire world while doing it illegally, were caught lying about doing it and revealed by Edward Snowden, and still continuing their illegal methods, can acquire dirt that could be used to blackmail government officials or any American into compliance.  You can see how this can create a plethora of problems.  Those who defend these unconstitutional actions in the so called sake of keeping America safe probably have never considered the issue just mentioned nor the abusive practices used to stifle our freedom, liberty, and accountability.  They haven’t spent enough time to comprehend what freedom and liberty really means regurgitating the false slogan “I have nothing to hide”.  You can see in the YouTube video link I post below how James Comey uses the law to evade Senator Trey Gowdy’s questions and at times, doesn’t really seem to understand US laws himself; part of the problem when we have too many laws.  Senator Trey Gowdy does his best to keep the conversation honest while reminding all viewers what is important.




Remember Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz who quietly rescinded Obama’s 2008 ban on donations to the DNC from corporate lobbyist and PACs allowing the Hillary Victory Fund that laundered money to the Clinton campaign while hiding details of its agreement with Clinton?  The same chair that had emails leaked showing vigorous bias against Bernie Sanders that shut down Sanders’ campaign’s access to the DNC server and falsely accused his supporters of violence at the Nevada Convention causing Bernie to lose his spot?  The same chair that scheduled only 6 poorly timed debates for the 2016 Presidential Primary that were also fewer in number than previous election cycles?  The same chair where emails showed she had inappropriately backed Hillary Clinton in the primary campaigns?  The same chair that threatened US Capitol Police “I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and you should expect that there will be consequences” when seizing her computer hard drives?  The same chair that was actively asked to resign her position and refused, only complying after President Obama forced her resignation?  The same chair who allowed and helped Imran Awan, a Pakistani born and direct IT Tech aide to Schultz, to hack the House IT network while spending significant portions of time in Pakistan?  The same chair that has parroted Hillary Clinton’s claim that the scandal was caused by hacking Russians?





The Whitewater scandal Hillary Clinton was involved in is probably a much lesser known action of her evils.  It involved her and Bill Clinton with their investments into the Whitewater Development Corporation that was a failed business venture in the 1970’s and 80’s.  It was a business venture that included Clinton associates Jim McDougal and his wife Susan looking to purchase 230 acres of land in Flippin, Arkansas.  The idea was to subdivide the land into lots for vacation homes for out of state buyers looking for lower land taxes.  After interest rates were raised 20% in 1979, prospective buyers could no longer afford these properties.  The McDougals owned a business called Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan which looked to purchase another real estate development venture Castle Grand.  Since it cost more than the $600k he could borrow, Jim involved others to help raise funds including Seth Ward who helped funnel the additional $1.15 million.  To avoid investigation, they moved the money back and forth through several other investors and intermediaries.  Hillary Clinton acted as the Castle Grand’s personal lawyer providing them legal services under the Rose Law Firm.  In 1986, federal regulators realized that all funds came from the Madison Guaranty which could not cover the Castle Grand scheme.  Castle Grand earned 2 million dollars in commissions with an unknown amount of legal fees charged by the Rose Law Firm.  Madison Guaranty failed causing the federal regulators to take over and costing American taxpayers $73 million.  The Clintons came under investigation in 1993 after David Hale, a former municipal judge and Arkansas banker, claimed after being himself indicted on unrelated Whitewater charges while working with Jim McDougal, that Bill Clinton pressured him into making an illegal fraudulent $300k loan to Susan McDougal towards the Whitewater property.  Neither of the Clintons were found of any criminal activity but left many highly suspicious of their involvement.  Kenneth Starr was appointed to investigate the Whitewater real estate investment and death of Vince Foster Jr, who was a partner at the Rose Law Firm with Hillary and Deputy White House Counsel during the first half of Bill Clinton’s presidential administration.  He drafted an impeachment referral to the House of Representatives in 1997 claiming there was “substantial and credible evidence” that Bill Clinton committed perjury regarding David Hale’s allegations.  Jim McDougal was convicted of 18 felony counts of fraud and conspiracy charges where he died from a heart attack at the Federal Correctional Facility in Fort Worth, Texas at 57 years old.  Susan McDougal was sentenced to the maximum of 18 months in prison to include 8 months solitary confinement for refusing to answer 3 questions to a grand jury about Bill Clinton’s testimony regarding Whitewater.  She only served 4 months and was pardoned by Bill Clinton shortly before he left office.









As a Veteran, I have to mention the Benghazi scandal and will provide a shorten version of a timeline, providing links that will go into more specific detail.  I remember some events when they occurred over 5 years ago and will do my best to provide accurate details.  On Sept. 11th, 2012 US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives who were former enlisted Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods were killed during a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.  About 9 months prior, a terror plot was neutralized but info provided strongly stated there was still a growing Islamic terrorist presence.  Additional resources were requested many months in advance while continually being ignored by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The following timeline occurs on Sept. 11th, 2012.  At approximately 0000 hours, the US Embassy in Cairo released a statement on their website condemning a YouTube video called “Innocence of Muslims” that mocks Prophet Mohammad.  At 2140 in Benghazi, a few dozen armed men are seen forming near the gate at the US Consulate compound’s main entrance where a large explosion, grenades thrown over the fence, and small arms fire begin.  The CIA security team is alerted, including the Tripoli embassy and State Department command center.  The compound came under attack around 2200 where Stevens and Smith are moved to a safe haven in Building C by diplomatic security agent Scott Strickland.  Strickland decides to move Stevens and Smith from the safe haven now overcome by fire and smoke, who is unable to find them.  Three DS agents arrive to Building C to search, retrieve, and move Stevens and Smith, only finding Smith’s deceased body.    Hillary Clinton is informed of the situation, who requests Libyan President Mohammed Magariaf’s aid.  At 2205, the State Department Operations Center alerts several government and intelligence agencies including the White House Situation Room, Director of National Intelligence, and the FBI.  Tyrone S. Woods, who was delayed by the top CIA officer in Benghazi Gregory N. Hicks, left CIA Annex to the consulate to attempt a rescue.  Glen Doherty left Tripoli with a small CIA and JSOC element to assist Woods.  At 2225, a six member CIA team and 40-60 17th of February Brigade members arrive from the CIA annex building 1.2 miles away, removing Smith’s body.  At 2300, a last sweep is performed for Stevens as they egress towards the CIA annex.  SOCAFRICA commander Lt. Col. Gibson and team are denied permission to fly from Tripoli to provide assistance prior to the CIA annex attacks.  On Sept. 12th shortly after 0000 hundred hours at the CIA annex, the small CIA team fights off enemy combatants throughout the morning until their departure to the Benghazi airport later that morning.  Approximately 0100, Stevens was recovered by Libyans at the consulate who was transported to a Benghazi medical center, later dying from asphyxiation by smoke inhalation.  AT 0407 ET, Secretary Clinton issues a statement acknowledging the death of State Department officer Smith.  At 0500 a small CIA and JSOC team arrive, including Doherty to assist the annex.  At 0515, the annex comes under mortar fire lasting approximately 11 minutes, killing Woods and Doherty.  Roughly 30 Americans are transported to a local airport where the first departure occurs at 0740 and second departure at 1000 to Tripoli.


So now onto the coverup.  Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of Libya, had a long history with the US warning nations that constant intervention and meddling by the US would further complicate terrorism in the the Middle East making the situation worse, ie mind your own fucking business.  He was highly outspoken again the efforts of Islamic radicals and terrorism who was able to subdue many of their efforts.  In retaliation, the US supplied weapons to whom the Obama administration referred to as “moderate rebels” that turned out to be Islamic extremists.  This led to the Arab Spring revolts beginning December 17th, 2010 that caused the Egyptian crisis, Yemeni crisis, Syrian civil war, Libyan civil war, and an insurgency in Iraq.  Islamic extremists eventually captured and killed Gaddafi on October 20th, 2011 where video footage shows him being sodomized with a bayonet and then shot several times.  Combined with the Arab Spring debacle and Benghazi scandal, it would be difficult for Obama, who was up for reelection in 2012, and his administration to honestly declare they were effective in the war on terrorism while significantly making matters worse.  To deflect allegations, the Obama administration lied claiming the attacks were not terrorist in nature and blaming the entire event on a single video “Innocence of Muslims” for several weeks.  Most US media outlets ran this version of the story while others claimed it was clearly a terrorist attack.  Leaked emails showed Hillary Clinton sent an email the evening following the attack to Egyptian prime minister Hesham Qandil stating “we know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack, not a protest”.  This not only proved Hillary Clinton was lying and the Obama administration was trying to cover their tracks, but her incompetency and evasion of responsibility during the entire Benghazi fiasco.  Hillary Clinton said in an interview after Gaddafi was killed “We came, we saw, he died” laughing with a witch’s cackle.  Apparently, she thinks sodomy with a knife while being killed is funny.  As some of you may know, Gaddafi wanted to return Libya to an independent gold standard banking system while preventing a centralized world banking system.











As you may have recently learned, Anthony Weiner was sentenced to only 21 months of jail time for sexting and showing his weiner to a 15 year old girl, that led to yet another investigation reopening Clinton’s unlawful email usage over the last 8 years when computers were seized by the FBI.  It also revealed leaked emails by John Podesta, who was the former chairman to the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, where some suggested the language he used were code words for child pedophilia and trafficking, thus creating the Pizzagate conspiracy.  I’m not going to go into this too much but will provide some clear insight with some informative links.  Some of you may be thinking “Here we go with this crazy conspiracy theory you tin foil hat wearer!”  Yes, I admit this is definitely in that realm for sure but only with some aspects that, in my opinion, are false flag distractions in an attempt to discredit the pertinent information.  However, it doesn’t mean stranger factual things have not occurred in the past nor should certain portions that were debunked cause the core of the issue to be dismissed, child pedophilia and trafficking.  There have been claims by not so reputable groups such as Snopes.com the fact checkers, The New York Times, The New York Observer, and The Huffington Post to name a few that have claimed to have debunked all aspects of Pizzagate.  Yep, some of the same “news sources” who claimed the Benghazi attacks were because of a single video and not the result of blatant terrorism.  We do know that Reddit censored people’s attempts to provide details about Pizzagate, which only causes more curiosity and suspicion.  The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia has characterized the matter as fictitious although some of the highest levels of criminal activity occur in DC, especially while Congress is in session.  Some make the claim that this so called conspiracy was started by 4chan, white supremacist, and anti LGBT groups who certainly have their own identity baggage for sure.  What I can say is a few things that should cause you a pause of consideration.

Even if Pizzagate was supposedly started by these less than desirable groups, it doesn’t make child pedophilia or trafficking any less evil, nor the accusations or the activity of it false.  Just because some accusers may fall into the previous groups doesn’t mean all accusers should be categorized as such.  Just because some accusers may say crazy things or be a little crazy doesn’t mean everything they say is invalid.  Just more ad hominem attacks, which is to argue against the character of an individual instead of their point or position.  You have to be a little crazy to join the Marine Corps in the first place, yet does that mean by default that all Marines are habitual liars?  There have been other claims thrown in the mix like John Podesta and other US government officials belonging to a satanic cultist group as another angle to provide doubt, which I don’t believe in the satanic cult portion myself.  So is there any smoking gun that points to any clear evidence about child pedophilia?  Not directly to Pizzagate but there are other proven facts surrounding it.  We do know for a fact that many of John Podesta’s emails have an obsession around children and pizza which is more than creepy and suspicious, which John has adamantly denied.  Typically those who are accused of something just ignore it instead of going on the defense.  Defensiveness is an attempt to guard yourself from a perceived attack or character assassination.  Defensive behavior is often seen to be an indication of guilt or hiding truth.  To also think that he or anyone else would blatantly use incriminating language is silly although Anthony Weiner did get caught with his pants down.  We do know that John Podesta, who has large resources, could more than afford a pizza parlor to act as a smoke screen for his cryptic email language; not as an actual outlet where the child pedophilia ring takes place or holds meetings.

We do know that the Clintons have ties to Jeffrey Epstein who owns Little Saint James Island in the Virgin Island that has been referred to as the wealthy elites ‘Orgy Island’.  According to flight logs, Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private Boeing 727 “Lolita Express” and visited the island at least 20 times.  With more emails released after the Anthony Weiner investigation, it was discovered that Hillary visited Orgy Island at least 6 times.  We do know Jeffrey Epstein would record visitors sex acts with hidden cameras for blackmail purposes, including Prince Andrew in 2015 after evidence came to light.  Although the FBI received 40 accounts from girls as young as 14 who alleged molestation all with overlapping details, the US government agreed to only charge Epstein with one count of soliciting prostitution from an underage girl under Florida state law.  In June 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to a single state charge of soliciting prostitution where he served 13 months of an 18 month sentence and agreed to not contest any civil suits brought against the 40 women.  Guess who one of Epstein’s lawyers was?  Ol’ Ken Starr.  We do know for a fact that the Clintons were involved in the Clinton-Silsby trafficking scandal in Haiti, where Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border on Jan. 29th, 2010 trying to smuggle 33 children from the country whom most were not orphans.  Apparently, Laura Silsby works at AlertSense which assists the Federal Government to issue Amber Alerts during kidnapping events.  I can’t make this stuff up even if I tried.












A righteous question you should be asking yourself as Senator Trey Gowdy asked former US FBI Director James Comey why people like Hillary Clinton who clearly break the law get to play by a different set of rules that if an American did the same actions, would be imprisoned?  Why are they not held accountable for their evil actions and duplicitous nature?  Why is our government not taking any action towards prosecution or issuing any real subpoenas?  Have you noticed the two-tiered justice system that is applied differently to those with power and wealth and to those who are not?  No matter who so called “hacked” the emails or revealed this information, we as Americans should be thankful we have some of the truth.

I can honestly say with humility in my heart that I do not hold spite against Hillary Clinton supporters.  I know better than to use tactics like name calling or mud slinging as a last resort if I can’t competently hold an informed civil conversation like those who do out of a stunted emotional maturity.  I know better than to play into identity politics and simply admit if I make a mistake.  If I don’t know something, I just acknowledge my ignorance and use it as an opportunity to research the topic so I am prepared next time.  With all the information I have provided, the only support Hillary Clinton should receive is by Americans pressuring our government to imprison her and others, who are committing some of the most evil behaviors.  The fact is as I previously stated, our voting and political system needs a major overhaul including the corruption in our judicial system who refuse to take action and apply US laws.  It is of the utmost importance to understand not only are both parties to blame, but all Americans as well.  It has often been said that people deserve the government they get.  Knowledge, humility, and love are the best tools for anyone looking to change the heart and minds of others.  Acknowledging the system as a whole is broken and providing well thought out solutions will bring Americans closer together; using the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as our guide.  The number of Americans who understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights are few in comparison to those who do not.  Joseph de Maistre, a Savoyard lawyer, diplomat, writer, and philosopher said “False opinions are like false money; struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing”.  To put it in another context our 16th President Abraham Lincoln said “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.  We must be vigilant against evil for if we take no actions against it, we share complicity with those who commit the actions.

What I cannot live with is knowing that I didn’t share this information in good faith as a Marine.

“I, Tyler Andrew Weber, solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  So help me God”.  May I also acknowledge that there is no time limit on my oath such as the one on my military service contract.  That I am obligated to carry this oath with me until the day of my passing; Once a Marine, always a Marine.  The Change is forever.


Weber out!


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