How to record podcast from multiple locations

How to record podcast from multiple locations

Recording a podcast from multiple places or homes or states or countries

I have used multiple methods to create podcasts from multiple locations, I will detail the best one and briefly describe my old method as we go through the explanation. But that old method was cumbersome and required some things done that seem silly now. I’m not entirely sure how others combine audio inputs, but found this to work great for me. I googled every few months about how to get this done and found the final software that pieced everything together for me. I’ll give you the sites to get everything. In future posts I will fully explain the settings that I use out right. 

How its done… free

First, how do you talk with your co-hosts and guests? What software do you use? I am assuming that you are not recording from your phone. Although it is possible to record on your phone, it is a hassle and the clips are noticeably from a phone. It’s not the best method for the process.

Talking together

We use Discord. Discord is a great software that allows you to create free servers that can be shared with others. You can talk in voice channels and instant message in text channels you create. I have a server for our podcast, multiples with friends and gamers, and one for my family. Discord allows for you to select your voice output and input methods. The ability to decide on the voice output is crucial for the process.
Check out Discord at
I’m a huge fan of this application. Its not only for gamers but it was originally designed for them. Don’t let that scare you off, its more user friendly than Skype…

Getting audio combined and recorded

Voicemeeter Banana display options I use.

This one I only recently found and is the reason why I am writing this post. Voicemeeter Banana, is another free application, but this one lets you combine your audio feeds. You can pick from 3 hardware forms and two digital methods. This is great! Some software’s charge around $40 or much more. If you can donate to the creator, please do. 

Okay so, with VM Banana, you will place you mic input in the hardware input and set up Discords settings > Voice > Output as going to Voicemeeter AUX input (yes input, as it is the driver that inputs the discord output into Voicemeeter). Turn off the green button that makes it to where your listening to your own audio from your mic under hardware 1. Next to the caset tape make sure that your used channels are selected. Check the hardware out method of interpreting the inputs, this is done with the A1, A2, A3 drop down selections above the caset tape, whatever driver you have the mic audio coming in from, select the MME version of your driver used. 

When you are ready, you will press the record button on the caset tape controls, don’t forget to check where the audio file exports to. There are other details but these are the jist of it. Reference the image below for the set up that I use.

Old method and Audacity

Before finding Voicemeeter, I would record directly into OBS ( is a streaming and video recording software. Then rip the audio out of the video. This gave me little control and didn’t let me change my settings to suite my needs. But it worked! Now if you are looking to not record a live podcast and want to edit the audio. Then Audacity is great, it will take some learning to use, but there are tons of information out there on how to use it.

You can find it here

Create your podcast with your friends

There you have it, how to record from two computers, whether they are feet apart or oceans apart. As long as you give consideration to data streams and latency, then this form will work great for you and you won’t need to merge multiple audio tracks. Believe me that is a giant pain in the butt. Forget that it is even an option unless nothing else is possible. 
I hope this helps you like it helped me when I found it. Let me know what you think of building out your podcast with this method. I am curious what your podcast is about or what you would like it to be about! Tell me in the comments section below or Tweet us @TetraByte_Pod.
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