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Tetra-Lyfe blog #1

Whew!  So we’ve finally finished our first episode after at least a month of daily preparation, even if just an hour minimum on some days and others 8 hours.  I am thankful that Wike is our IT Tech who created the website from scratch, learned how to use WordPress through trial and error, set up our media sites such as Twitter/Facebook, and audio arenas like SoundCloud and itunes.  I’ve NEVER held a Facebook account and still resist the Borgs who demand my compliance.  He taught me how to use what may be simple for many of our younger audience, google docs and some of its features.  I never had a reason to utilize these tools until now and am thankful for his assistance.


I love doing research, reading, writing, and general psychology studies.  I’ve studied French, Spanish, German, Latin, a little Japanese, and of course lots of English.  I graciously accepted focusing on the written aspects of the podcast. Wike stated positively he was impressed with some of my produced works and after stepping back a little, so am I.  It’s fairly easy when you are passionate about what you do and give it freely with no grandiose expectations in return.  Since I have not been to college for some time, it has forced me to brush up on my skills knowing that they lack in some areas but bring me that sense of academia and search of knowledge I deeply enjoy.  It has provided me a sense of purpose and direction we all need in our lives.  It has forced me to make lifestyle changes, keeping myself honest to myself and the work I perform; the commitment needed for such an endeavor to Wike, to you the listeners, and a genuine partnership.


The Buddhist say “The purpose of life is to find purpose”.  OK, so maybe I got that from Kung Fu, the Legend Continues but there are many gems to be found in that show and applicable to daily life.  Wike and I have been able to bond a real friendship quickly in a short amount of time even though we’ve never met in person, using the podcast as a vessel where we can do something we both love; express ourselves and help others.  I learned from being a German tutor in college that when you teach others, you also learn the subject better yourself because you HAVE to know the content in order to be effective and proficient.  When you teach, you learn at the same time building confidence and reaping unmeasurable rewards of helping others.  You except humility for the things you do not know and take the time to learn them as best you can.  Since my brain is more cognitive than creative, I am afforded the opportunity to chase creative writing for a well rounded mental exercise.  


I certainly watched more television than I should as a child but prefered talk radio significantly more as I grew older, even surpassing music which I still have a high daily quota. Talk radio held the highest value because I understand the personal profit from storytelling, debate, and the importance of being skeptical about what you hear.  It is our job not only as Americans to learn the skill of skepticism, especially now more than ever with an overabundance of information and misinformation, but as human beings so we may learn how to effectively and respectfully challenge ourselves and others.  US President Ronald Reagan once said “Trust, but verify” and although he made many mistakes, he provided us with some true words of wisdom.  We will stumble along the way and desire your help in offering a hand to raise us back up as we hope our words will do the same for you in times of struggle.  


Thank you for your time!


Weber signing out… til next time.

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