Tetra-Lyfe blog #2

Tetra-Lyfe blog #2

Tetra-Lyfe Blog # 2

“Stumping Trump”

Worst of…

Aug. 25th, 2017


Here at Tetrabyte Podcast we’ve now produced 5 podcasts and released 4 to date.  We do our best to record ahead of time when possible because we’re busy with that thing called life.  Some topics we can’t record to early because certain ones are time sensitive; can’t record the future and past issues may become irrelevant.  This blog allows us to discuss content in the podcasts we didn’t get a chance to discuss, expand on certain issues, or make corrections to statements we made that only in hindsight we can address.  The more podcasts we do, the better we’ll become and we can only do that with your feedback.  If you have valid information, share your source with us so we can check it out.  Wike has entrusted to me write these blogs at his humble consent and aspire to serve us and you, the listeners well.  Should he have time or comments he wishes to make, I will get them included and make sure to announce Wike’s ideas respectively.  We’re also going to record these blogs so those who may be doing activities like driving will be able to have an audio format.  Any works cited links provided in the blogs will be mentioned but with some being very lengthy, will need to be obtained directly on our website.


In our Tetrabyte Podcast episode 3 “Stumping Trump” I, Weber, made a comment that people who have an unsatisfactory track record of behavior such as Jeff Sessions, do not make it in the highest leadership positions in America.  Well obviously Jeff Sessions did as US AG.  What I poorly portrayed is that as a whole, most members of our US Government do not use gross pejoratives nor conduct themselves in deplorable human behaviors on a consistent basis.  As a whole, neither do the American people and thus why these behaviors and concepts are heavily frowned upon.  Free speech has allowed us the liberty to openly challenge one another, especially our government, without enormous fear of reprimand.  However, I must add that no one including myself has been without err and treated others poorly out of impulsive anger and frustration that we’ve genuinely come to regret later.  Most of us act purely out of spite to “injure” someone because we are unable to possess the maturity to remain calm and find a stillness of peace within ourselves.  We may trespass against another in the future and must rely on the the compassion and humility others have bestowed upon us in times of our emotional crisis to learn and relearn these virtues through patience and practice.  We must set the example first with ourselves to avoid adopting the attitude of “I’ll learn em” or force your brand of tough love (or hate) on people having unreasonable expectations when you yourself are not yet there.  You can travel roads with guides or alone while observing road signs of truth and deception left by previous travelers but can only reach your destination by recognizing which exit to take.  You can be shown a mathematical answer but lack true comprehension until you do the work yourself having the “ah ha” moment.  It’s why instructors encourage students to show their work so when mistakes are made they understand where it was made and the overall process.  All these actions are learned behaviors; we are social creatures.


It may frustrate some that I made the comment about institutional racism as a whole not existing in America.  Of course we have people whose actions are iniquitous and often behind the scenes duping weak minded ignorant individuals to do their bidding.  The fact is we no longer have Jim Crow laws or ones similar in nature.  You can find statistics where it shows minorities being arrested more than Caucasians and many different types of arguments can be made from that research.  It leads people with preexisting agendas to draw false conclusions through oversimplification to support their motive without acknowledging how complex or simple certain circumstances are.  Ultimately, it just causes people to play the “point the finger” blame game or “I’m right and you’re wrong” scenario which is a divide and conquer distraction.  I acknowledge I have more to learn and that I in many ways am isolated to the realities some in this country face just as no one knows my “entire” story.  I do plan on having guests in the future that can shed more light on this subject and the difficulties they’ve gone through.  I’ve already spent time investigating and discovered some shocking stories; some even similar to mine while others more gross in nature.  The best I can offer for now is that I will do my best to keep learning in good faith, share the struggles of others, and provide solutions towards the equality of all Americans.  What I can propose is moving away from a mentality that causes anger and spite; losing the ego of identity politics and accepting personal responsibility.  How are you making a better world for all Americans?  For all humans?  For yourself?  Since my college years I have strongly encouraged people to ditch the “insert race before hyphen American” so we’re just left with American.  So we’re just left with the human race.  I know, that requires you let go of part of an identity that is reinforced in our consciousness by our media and politics; there’s us and then everyone else.  Things are not equal but choosing winners and losers creates more animosity and allows identity politics to keep its foothold.  We heard for years “America finally got its first black President!” when in fact Barack Obama is of mixed ethnic backgrounds.  It was a distraction to suggest that ethnicity matters more than acknowledging that the political game is rigged; to produce votes out of guilt.  That ethnicity masked as “race” matters more than someone’s actual qualifications and the nature of their heart and spirit.  Most people don’t even know their entire ethnic background and the few who do had their DNA tested.  It reminds me of a white separatist named Craig Cobb who found out a few years ago on a tv show that claimed by their DNA testing that he was 14% sub-saharan African.  I don’t know how accurate the test actually was, we may never know.  What we do know is it doesn’t really matter.  It doesn’t make him more or less of a human being…  If we were back in the Civil War era, he would have been considered a slave if the test was true.  But we’re no longer at that time, he’s not a slave but to his own mind, and it forced others with enough humility to let go of this powerful illusion.  Unfortunately it has caused others to test their DNA so they can strengthen their group hive idiocracy.  Craig may never change his shallow ways but the rest of us can learn from this if we choose to.  Check out who Keshia Thomas is and think to yourself “Would I have the same courage and love in my heart she exhibited”?  Although the man she saved from a mob mentality beating may never change his ways, his son’s path was changed for the better and those with enough wisdom to recognize it.  Keshia acted out of love and unselfishness expecting nothing in return.  That’s why she did it, that is the secret.


So what is the main point that I am making?  I’m not naive in comprehending there are other mechanisms in place to circumvent the Civil Rights movement (which the majority of the movement was peaceful civil disobedience) that was a highly successful blow to those in power who wish to keep the rest of us oppressed in some manor.   I do recognize there are still residual effects carried over from our past as a nation that only with time and love towards our fellow human beings will things change for the better.  I do recognize how ghettos keep people “isolated” with different sets of rules.  One mechanism is the drug prohibition or “war” on drugs.  It’s not some imaginary boogie man we can’t see unless we willfully choose to be ignorant.  To say it doesn’t work is foolish; it does work but in favor of those in power to exert their dominance over us.  To keep us enslaved in the industrial prison complex so we cannot vote, own weapons to defend our family or community, to keep us divided, promote Civil Asset Forfeiture (aka Civil Asset Theft), and an attempt to keep us from doing something humans have done for ages.  This mechanism is used to target poor communities, the minority, those with mental illnesses, and military Veterans like me.  Dennis McKenna claimed his brother Terence said in response to police asking if he was carrying any drugs “We are all carriers”, acknowledging all humans share the same chemical compounds of those found in psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, ayahuasca, DMT, marijuana, and other government deemed illegal natural occurring substances.  In an except from “This World… and Its Double” Terence McKenna wrote:


“It’s clearly a crisis of two things: of consciousness and conditioning. These are the two things that the psychedelics attack. We have the technological power, the engineering skills to save our planet, to cure disease, to feed the hungry, to end war; But we lack the intellectual vision, the ability to change our minds. We must decondition ourselves from 10,000 years of bad behavior. And, it’s not easy”.


I’ve long said “There are 3 types of people in this world.  Those for something, those against something, and those who realise just because something is not for them doesn’t mean it’s not for other mature and responsible people”.  I’m not suggesting that you use these natural drugs that I call medicine, although it may provide you introspection to free your mind.  If you do, please use them with reasonable discretion and diligent research.  What I am asking you to do is recognize some of the realities I’ve provided so we may escape what I’ve coined “indentured slavatude”.  The solution is blatantly obvious and in plain sight.  States that have legalized medicines like marijuana have seen a decrease in crime, more state revenue while spending less on enforcement, better police resource management, less opioid addictions and related deaths, and less suffering.  Check out the Marijuana Justice Act and see how you can participate help create change in your local area and then your state.





The second mechanism is Civil Asset Forfeiture.  When the government can’t legally get you, they cheat with this tactic and know most American’s don’t have the time nor resources to get tied up in court for years upon years.  It allows our government to take land that doesn’t belong to them if eminent domain fails so they can sell it to other corrupt individuals.  Speak with your friends, family, or people who know who are politically active you trust that have more time than you to dedicate to these issues to see how we can abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture so our government stops using it as leverage against Americans to steal from us.




Will do a separate blog since I didn’t discuss our 4th podcast in this one at all.  I’ll get to it.  Lots of information to cover and feel I only touched the surface.  There will be more to come…

Thank you for your time, I hope you found value in these words as I did in writing them.


Weber out!

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