Tetra-Lyfe Blog #8

Tetra-Lyfe Blog #8

Tetra-Lyfe Blog #8

“Youtube Down the Tubes & Showtime Coinhive”


Sunday Oct. 29th, 2017


First off, let me share a link to a Firefox addon that I have been using for years called NoScript.  Originally, I used it to combat adbots and adware because I didn’t want to have to install any of the various programs they had at the time to clean your computer after you were infected.  Preventative maintenance.  However, things have changed a lot as have malicious programs and fortunately NoScript has kept up with these changes.  It is my main go to for preventing malicious programs access on my computer and cannot praise it enough.  I also highly recommend watching a few videos on how to use it.  Don’t get discouraged and abandon it too quickly, it takes patience not so much how to learn it but to adopt a new behavior with your browsing habits.  It only took me about a week to get used to and soon after became second nature.  I use another program called AdBlock Plus which can also be installed through your addons tab in Firefox as well.

Without going into a full-blow lengthy discussion, I’ll let these two experts with links I provided below to share their input since they’ve been YouTube content creators for quite some time and I appreciate not only their style but honesty.  I will also provide another link to an article regarding YouTube selective censorship.  I wish that I had posted my thoughts many months ago as I had foreseen these restrictive events unfolding.  I have spent many hours researching various YouTube controversies across a wide diverse political and ideological spectrum coming to several conclusions that I will be terse about so you can use your time to watch the various videos I’ve posted.

The selective censorship is NOT solely a right or left issue.  It is NOT solely a liberal, conservative, or libertarian issue.  It IS solely an advertisement conglomerate industry backed by big money to attack humanities freedom of speech and expression.  It IS a method to force us down a dark narrow path of pre-approved and at times disinformation instead of letting you, the individual, decide for yourself.  It IS a continued effort to categorize people through identity politics and stereotyped check boxes where advertising is most effective; not through an individual process.  I highly encourage people to use other platforms to watch their media since YouTube’s new management has turned their backs on those who helped create what it was at its peak of success.  Although YouTube has a stranglehold on the competition, we as the consumer must acknowledge a few things; nothing lasts forever and monopolies squash competition, ideas, and individualism.  They retain confirmation bias in the most extreme forms where power over you is their foremost objective.  Since Alphabet now owns both Google and YouTube, it can afford their own self demonetization by what information they censor, control, and release at our expense.  As the power addicted partner’s behavior surfaces like a heroin junkie who’s been caught stealing for the next fix and in habitual denial about their actions, the long lived honeymoon is now over.  There are already plenty of options out there well in the works; people just have to accept these truths and move on.

h3h3Productions “YouTube’s Rules Don’t Apply To Everyone”

Philip DeFranco “Dear Youtube… We Need To Talk.  This Is Stupid and Ridiculous.”

Prager Sues Google, YouTube Over Censorship


Showtime Coinhive









YouTube and Surrounding Controversies












Final Quotes:

Wike:  “If you fulfill your obligations everyday you don’t need to worry about the future.”
― Jordan B. Peterson

Weber:  “Das war ein Vorspiel nur; dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen”.

 —  Christian Johann Heinrich Heine  — 1817

That was but a prelude; where they burn books, they will eventually burn people.

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